Romney's New Video Pulled From YouTube for Copyright Violation

rwmofo7/16/2012 7:57:24 pm PDT

re: #52 SpaceJesus

exxon should be paying around 55 billion imho

Here is a perfect example of the way a left-winger thinks. Force the companies who are at the core of our economy to overwhelmingly increase their cost of production - as a “punishment” for being so successful. Assume we let “Space Jesus” have his way. How would Exxon react to these new expenses? They’d increase the price they charge for their product commensurate with their increased costs. This would result in a huge jump in prices at the gas pump in addition to a huge increase in the price of everything that rides on a truck before you purchase it. Look around. Everything you see was on a truck before it was delivered to the grocery store, furniture store, clothing store, all the materials in the construction of your home, the PC you’re using. Everything! It was all on a truck at one point. And you left-wingers actually think it’s a good thing to force Exxon to pay more because they need to pay their fair share.

Liberal logic. Voting against your own interests which are as obvious as the nose on your face. Fifth graders can figure this out, unless they start listening to left-wingers.