Overnight Open Thread

godfrey2/04/2009 7:44:52 am PST

So, for those of us intending to keep score:

- Bill Richardson, first choice for Commerce Secretary, withdrew amid a grand jury investigation into a state contract he awarded to his political donors

- Nancy Killefer, nominee for Chief Performance Officer and deputy director of OMB, had to withdraw because she owed $298 in unemployment compensation for household help, $48.69 in interest, and $600.00 in penalties

- Tom Daschle, HHS nomination, tax evader (Medicaid taxes for his chauffeur): on Jan. 2 he filed more than $140,000 in back taxes and interest, having failed to disclose more than $300,000 in past income, including the use of a car and driver for three years

- Timothy Geithner, nominee for Secretary of the Treasury, also failed to pay more than $40,000 in payroll taxes when he worked for the International Monetary Fund

Feel free to add.

- Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff, lives in the basement of Democratic Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro illegally (really).