Seth Meyers: Democrats Take on Corporate Profits and CEO Pay [VIDEO]

Anymouse 🌹🎃4/18/2019 4:22:40 am PDT

re: #74 Teukka

The thing which irks me to no end with the Christian fundies is their myopic interpretation of #2, “Do not misuse the name of The LORD your God.” They seem to believe that only bans cussing and using the G-word inappropriately, while how I was raised, it’s about using The Boss of Bosses, or faith in said Boss, as an excuse to passively or actively violate #3 to #10.

I got a kick out of a comment someone sent me: If you’re an atheist, how can you say “oh God” when you orgasm?

Aside from the creep factor involved in that (are you listening in to my bedroom antics), does it matter? I’m not big on the idea of a third involved in that, and if God is everywhere, then he’s in my bedroom. That seems kind of creepy to me.