Death Cult Mom

capitalist piglet2/04/2009 11:59:25 am PST

re: #47 Raven1

Will any reporter ask Obama about this?

He’ll condemn it, he’ll say it’s bad…and then he’ll say we need to “reach out” and “understand” these people. Like after 9/11:

Even as I hope for some measure of peace and comfort to the bereaved families, I must also hope that we, as a nation, draw some measure of wisdom from this tragedy. Certain immediate lessons are clear, and we must act upon those lessons decisively. We need to step up security at our airports. We must re-examine the effectiveness of our intelligence networks and we must be resolute in identifying the perpetrators of these heinous acts and dismantling their organizations of destruction. We must also engage, however, in the more difficult task of understanding the sources of such madness.