GOP Death Watch: The Final Days of the Republican Party

subterraneanhomesickalien10/12/2013 6:15:18 pm PDT

How many times do we have to say that the Republican party is on the road to demise, only to see the American people give them chance after chance to redeem themselves with another round of their bullshit? We’re going to have to realize eventually that America likes its welfare state, but doesn’t like to admit it, and will always cast a hateful glare at those who have the spot light shined on them the brightest while using it(ie any non middle aged white person).

And they are certainly not going away when they have a media that constantly apologize for their nonsense and brinkmanship by going out of their way to find evidence that both sides are just as bad.

If we were in England or France maybe, but these are the States, and this is the country that elected George Bush and Ronald Reagan twice.