Startup CEO Dudebro Wishes 'Degenerates' Would Stop Ruining 'The Civilized Part' of San Francisco

NO SMOCKING GUN!12/11/2013 2:50:51 pm PST

re: #7 calochortus

Yeah. Aside from the fact that homelessness and mental illness need to be dealt with rather than merely hidden, does this guy realize he is the one intruding on someone’s territory? Much of Market Street and the Tenderloin were not great areas 40 or 50 years ago. Now he is there and it needs to clean itself up for his convenience?

Did he miss the part where companies are getting big tax breaks to move into the area-ostensibly to provide redevelopment and employment, but the actual result seems to be increasing housing prices.

The problem is zoning. Zoning prevents increased density in high income areas, so to provide more lucrative high income housing they have to remove lower income housing. More rich people wanting to move to S.F. ought to be a boon for everyone, creating more construction jobs and more service jobs. Zoning also eliminated long ago the type of places we use to call “flop houses” which could provide shelter for the poor.