Pregnant Muslim woman assaulted by French men

CuriousLurker3/28/2015 11:00:06 pm PDT

re: #7 Nyet

The same idiot douchebag logic that is used to generalize about Muslims all the time.


re: #6 electrotek

1. A couple of Muslims do some horrible, violent things in France.

2. There are demonstrations and emotions run high.

3. Two asshole bigots use their douchebag logic to blame all Muslims and proceed to retaliate against a completely innocent pregnant Muslim woman.

4. You turn around and lather, rinse & repeat by using the same idiot douchebag logic to blame all the #JeSuisCharlie protestors.

You want to assign (group) blame with that logic? Okay, how about we blame the the shooters (Muslims!) that attacked the CH office & kosher grocery? No? Okay, how far back do you want to take the blame game? French colonialism? The Ottoman Empire? The Crusades?

This is precisely why I’m hesitant to up-ding anything you say or attempt to have a calm, rational discussion with you—it’s simply not possible when you fly off the handle all the time. It’s childish. It’s tiresome. And just like The War TARDIS, your repeated outbursts render your apologies meaningless.

Behave like an adult, FFS.