An Open Letter to "White America" Regarding Who You Freely Choose to Be

Decatur Deb9/20/2016 5:59:17 pm PDT

re: #5 CuriousLurker

Well there are only two viable choices for president right now and they’re pretty extremely different. The second one doesn’t strike me as extreme at all, unless I was raised by radicals and didn’t realize it.

Perhaps 5% of your assumed Whites think like Block 1. I hope at least 10% are in Block 2. The rest are barely aware of the game in any detail. They want to make the house payment and the Steelers to make the SuperBowl.

For another adjustment, stop thinking of Hispanics as inherently non-White. They have, and maintain, their own spectrum. You are mixing race, religion, ethnicity, and social/economic class unworkably.

In the end you are describing Good Guys and Bad Guys, which is itself a mixed and shifting muddle.