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dangerman5/24/2020 11:36:26 am PDT

from this downstairs

By someone smarter than me:

Interesting, lets deconstruct.

1) People grab them from mailboxes. It is a federal crime to tamper with any US mail. Post office sorting is highly automated, few people involved. Post office mail handling has been under surveillance for over 100 years. It’s highly sophisticated.

2) Print thousands of forgeries. A mail in ballot has to match a stub that it’s a legitimate ballot. Much like a lottery ticket. You can’t just print one up and cash in. They are controlled.

3) Forcing people to sign. A large, criminal enterprise would be required. Wouldn’t the forced person immediately contact the authorities and report the crime? How will this forcing take place? Door to door? At gunpoint? Kidnapping loved ones? Delusional.

4) Also forge names. Again, requires the ballot to be stolen from the recipient. How is that done with mail outs taking place over weeks? How do they get the valid signature to do the forgery? How do you fix that fact that the recipient is going to complain never receiving the ballot, voiding the mail in ballot’s validity? A theft and forgery would take at minimum several hours for each ballot stolen. How will that pay off?