National Review: Weiner Isn't As Offensive As Those Blacks And Their Damned Jungle Music

Michael Orion Powell6/09/2011 10:17:50 pm PDT

re: #7 EiMitch

But the far-right is correct! We haveto oppose those brown people as they come here to take our jobs, and as they have our jobs shipped overseas to them, and as they suck away our welfare dollars, and as they infiltrate our judeo-christian culture with their jungle tripe, and… and…

…and I’m not a racist!

Just in case: /mega-sarc

Seriously, how is it that racism is on the rise in pretty much all developed nations, hate-speech laws or not? What the fug are we missing?

Well, I think there is some truth in what they are saying to a small extent. In all sorts of ways, western society has lost its confidence and sense of itself. The groups that are coming in and succeeding in the West - from Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, etc. - do have a sense of themselves and of their culture and heritage.

Now, that loss of societal confidence is our fault. It’s not the fault of people that are succeeding. We’ve lost the picture on what it is that we want with ourselves. The right racists seem to be reacting towards this loss of confidence by grabbing for cheap chauvinism and bigotry as the answer, when the answer is in ourselves.