6th Circuit panel upholds individual mandate

garzooma6/29/2011 2:15:34 pm PDT

re: #5 KingKenrod

I’m shocked by the number of liberals who see no jeopardy in this expansion of power and support the mandate simply because they like the current proposed application (HCR).

I’m not particularly liberal, but I don’t see the jeopardy either. As was pointed out in the original post, the government already has the power to tax me, buy from whomever they want with the money, and deliver the proceeds to whomever they want. With the mandate, I decide who I buy from and I keep what I buy. In other words, it’s decidedly less onerous then what the government can already do.

The Supreme Court may yet decide that there’s a technical reason why the mandate is unconstitutional, but I can’t see any reason to get worked up about it.