If Atheism Were a Religious Faith

Locker7/18/2011 7:02:29 am PDT

re: #6 Sergey Romanov

As for what can and cannot be proven, you can’t disprove numerous things, like Santa Claus, or Invisible Pink Unicorn. I mean, you can’t even disprove a claim that 9/11 was a deed by very powerful aliens who just made it seem (with their great powers) that it was Al Qaeda. Yes, you can’t disprove such a claim, yet you would dismiss it in a second, wouldn’t you? That makes you religious by your own definition - you have faith in non-alien origin of 9/11! I could go on.

Actually, I work by probability and I try not to dismiss anything. Quantum physics style… there is no 0 or 100pct probability.. only approaching…