Arizona Candidate's English Under Challenge

FreedomMoon1/27/2012 4:34:36 pm PST

This really caught my attention because I lived in Central America a few years where I did learn Spanish. I have a mixed opinion. It’s clear this is not an ‘accent’ issue, her comprehension/speaking is extremely poor. Click here to hear her

In the video she is on the stand with her lawyer. The first question is “Where did you go to high school?” She responds “1986.” Her lawyer responds with more emphasis, “Where at?” She responds “1983.” Followed by, “I asked you where did you go to high school?” She responds “Yes, after high school I went to college.” The judge then asks her to step down. She really gets hung up on the word “where” mistaking it for “when.”

So with that said it’s unfair to sake of the argument to say this is an accent issue. On the other hand, the town is 95+% Spanish speaking, English could be considered superfluous. So I leave it to the city council to make the call. If they conduct all their city business in English then it might be an issue. If Spanish, there is absolutely no reason she should be required to pass any kind of proficiency testing.