Creepiest Image from CPAC

CuriousLurker2/13/2012 1:11:31 pm PST

Ah, more claims of religious persecution. Gotta love the banner in the photo: Neither apostasy nor Dhimmitude!

These are bat guano crazy, howling at the moon fanatics. You’re right, DD, they’re Breivik-esque right down to the outfits with the sash and the bizarre manifesto written by their founder. Did you read it?

Apparently, the Renaissance, Reformation, and Age of Enlightenment (as well as the French Revolution it spawned) were all very bad things. As far as I can tell, they long to return to the Dark Ages when the Catholic Church reigned supreme over every aspect of people’s lives. History informs us of what sort of fate you’d meet if you bucked the system.

Then again, all the history we’ve read has probably been revised by wicked liberal secularists intent on persecuting the Church and the only noble, True Christians™ (those would be Catholics, in case you haven’t been following along). //

So, essentially, they’re claiming they’ve been persecuted (a bad thing), and they’d like to bring back circumstances under which they would have the power to freely persecute others (a good thing because, y’know, it’s for your own good, to save your soul from the hellfire).

How much do you want to bet that their webmaster will be coming here to see what we said about them?

I wonder if these guys are Santorum’s inspiration…I’m sure they’re big fans of his.