Dear Rush Limbaugh: Birth Control Doesn't Work Like Viagra

CuriousLurker3/02/2012 10:57:46 am PST

Another sadist who with a desire to humiliate. People say he just does it for the money, but that’s beside the point—anyone who’s willing to express such thoughts about a woman for simply daring to speaking her mind is sick, morally degenerate, a pus-filled boil on the ass of civilized society. I don’t care what his reason is.

As a matter of fact, if he’s just doing it solely for the shock value to maintain the infamy that has made him wealthy, then he he’s no better than they lowliest, most vulgar street corner pimp and really has no room to talk.

If he’s not just doing it for the shock value, then I shudder to think what sort of dehumanizing abuse his wife is subjected to when he’s displeased with her…