Romney: Obama Has Let Down These Servants Who Bring Us Our Finger Food

jaunte7/16/2012 9:07:02 pm PDT
“The key to financial success, he said, is “economic freedom.” Romney regularly contends that Obama’s economic policies - which he describes as higher taxes and more regulations - are stifling innovation and entrepreneurship that drive the U.S economy. “

Gabriel Thompson:

“Everyone Only Wants Temps”

My stint doing “on demand” grunt work for one of America’s hottest growth industries.

Labor Ready’s business customers are billed for the temp workers’ wages, plus fees that cover things like workers compensation insurance, payroll taxes, and, of course, a significant markup. The clients save cash on HR and training, and they save even more by eliminating the need for health insurance, paid sick leave, vacation time, and other standard employee benefits.

But for Labor Ready clients, perhaps the biggest advantage is that they get workers who are “flexible”—that is, dispensable. If you are unhappy with a Labor Ready worker “for any reason,” the company will replace that worker free of charge. And temps quickly learn to neither expect, nor ask for, raises, health care, or job security of any sort.