Ex-Navy Seals weren't part of ambassador's security detail but rose to occasion, officials now confirm

Destro9/20/2012 5:42:45 pm PDT

re: #7 simoom

Amb. Stevens seems to have traveled with limited security in general, as a choice, eating dinner with local officials, attending hospital openings, etc. On the day of the attack he apparently had a five person security team with him, and the consulate had its Libyan security team.

I can understand why he wanted limited but why not have aggressive security for the compounds. I can not stress enoough that Benghazi was far from safe and is an active extremist zone.

Why no overhead drones as a way to keep tabs on the ambassador at a distance? I think I have a hunch why , maybe being proud of aiding the revolution the ambassador and State dept became willfully blind to the nature of some of these rebels? Saw the same bias during other such conflicts like when the establishment called the Kosovo Liberation Army (made up of criminals and extremists) freedom fighters and praised them while they ignored or excused their atrocities after the war ended.