Hey rightwing gun nuts - arming slave victims would not have freed them because the gun trade actually fueled the slave trade

Destro1/19/2013 6:51:46 pm PST

re: #4 EPR-radar

GUNZ would have stopped the Holocaust is indeed stupider. It is also more offensive, so some NRA apparatchik doubtless got his horns, tail and cloven hooves for this particlular bit of slime.

The Jewish uprising against Rome comes to mind. If only the Jews were armed with swords - oh wait they were? How that turn out for them? Oh that bad, huh?

What is most insulting about this “armed Jews could defeat Nazis” claim is that there were armed Jews and they lost and it did not faze the Nazis in the least. Also, Jesus warned what would happen to weak communities if the rise up in arms against Rome. How can right wing Christians forget that example?