Muslim Women Shockingly Not Grateful for Topless European Ladies Trying to 'Save' Them

Dark_Falcon4/05/2013 8:09:22 pm PDT

re: #7 Gus

Everyone has their agenda to transmit. Those for and against FEMEN. Those against Islam. From where I sit I see Amina being treated like a psychopath. She has been sent to a psych ward for posting topless FEMEN. She’s not a westerner. She’s not an imperialist. She’s a young Tunisian woman. I see no moral ambiguity here. I see no cultural chauvinism.

Have we forgotten that we’re supposed to be a global community. That human rights are global rights for all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, etc. What the Tunisian authorities are doing to Amina is simply wrong. What FEMEN does in the end is seemingly counter productive and puts the focus on their agenda. Our concern should be for the women of Tunisia and most importantly, Amina.

True, but FEMEN has only one mode: Topless, Angry, and Confrontational. They haven’t shown an ability to adopt the kind of tactics this situation would require, which are largely quieter and organizational. FEMEN is a woman whose only tool is a hammer, thinking all problems are nails.