Seth Meyers: Trump Fights With China, as Rudy Seeks Ukraine's Help in 2020 [VIDEO]

Joe Bacon 🌹5/13/2019 8:31:51 pm PDT

re: #79 HappyWarrior

I can totally understand that. I bet my grandparents’ mothers worried sick about my grandparents’ fathers in the coal mines with their history. That’s why I get so pissy when I see Trump, a man who knows nothing about coal mining or its history romanticize it. It was work for my two Great Grandpas but damn it, it’s obsolete now.

If it had not been for John L Lewis taking the United Mine Workers out of the AFL and forming the CIO there would have been NO Steelworkers Union. And it breaks my heart to see that the Republicans in West Virginia passed a Right To Work (for less) bill.