Anti-Obama Rumor Mill Exposed Again

capitalist piglet4/22/2009 8:52:54 am PDT

re: #59 Occasional Reader

Cute. But I’m referring to an NY Times story that mentioned something about two requests to the White House to allow action being denied… words to that effect. I’d have to look for it.

I know the article you’re talking about. If I remember correctly, it said that a request was made on Friday night, and again on Saturday morning, finally getting Obama’s approval then. Exactly what the requests were, they did not specifically report that I recall.

This conflicted with other reports that said Obama “twice signed off” (I think that’s how FNC put it) on plans to retrieve Captain Phillips. Some stories seemed to suggest there was a rescue plan, and some plainly said they could only act in the case of imminent danger to Captain Philips’ life.

There has been a lot of bad information flying about this story, and plenty of it in the mainstream media. I think that’s partially because when the media reports on military matters, they don’t understand distinctions in terminology, so they talk out of their asses in a rush to beat everyone else to the story.