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Aceofwhat?5/15/2011 7:20:24 pm PDT

re: #73 HoosierHoops

My Friend..
There has never been a free agent in the history of the world that humiliated his City, Fans or Team like James did.
He showed no class at all and I don’t care how much money he gives to Charity..He is one one of the most despised Athlete in the world right now..Except for South beach..
/This is fun Ace

Right? I rarely get to disagree with you…and on sports, no less!

See, i’m from Cleveland - i saw him play in HS. And he was a free agent, so it wasn’t his team anymore.

But i will grant you that it was very clumsy on his part, and it certainly gave the appearance of classlessness.

On the other hand, i submit as exhibit A the owner’s letter the day after James “decision” to remind your honor what true classlessness looks like.