U.S. Commentator Mike Harris: Israel Carried Out Newtown Massacre, Operates Death Squads in the U.S.

The Pie Overlord!12/20/2012 4:57:02 pm PST

re: #52 Thrazidun

Sorry but I wasn’t flinging I was responding… re-read from the top, #5. Is pretty funny that for a lot of people here the first thing is to assume and attack… which pretty much goes against the whole analyse and discuss which is what I thought this site was about… but whatever… Ill obviously think twice about ever posting or even visiting here again…

You could not possibly have chosen a worse way to introduce yourself. Posting an obviously inflammatory video of a racist nutjob repeating outrageous Iranian conspiracy, with very vague and ambiguous comment as to whether you endorse this horseshit or not, while mentioning yet another nutjob.

If your intention was to raise a shitstorm, congrats, you succeeded. Now here’s a shovel.