Colbert: Roger Stone Is a Very Weird Guy [VIDEO]

Belafon1/29/2019 12:56:16 pm PST

re: #80 Targetpractice

Actually, having spent time listening to way too much Faux in recent weeks due to my dad having it on almost constantly during the shutdown, I can guess at what they’ll settle on by tomorrow: “The Dems didn’t call up AOC or another of their socialists to give the rebuttal because they know people are scared by socialists. So they put out a black woman who isn’t in office because critics will be afraid to attack her for fear of being called ‘racist’ and she can say whatever she likes because she won’t suffer any political consequences.”

AOC isn’t white, so it seems like she would be a good fit. Plus she could beat up on Trump for not spending money on Puerto Rico since that’s her lineage.