Another Outstanding Jam From Bruce Hornsby and Chris Thile: "Cast-Off" [VIDEO]

MsJ6/17/2019 7:52:39 am PDT

re: #79 lawhawk

It is good news.

It’s bad news for Manafort and Trump (and the rest of Trumpworld.

It means that Manafort (and Trumpworld) could face federal charges, and then see analog charges from one or more states.

So, Manafort could face state versions of the federal crimes he was convicted of, and does not have a double jeopardy claim. It also means states could go after Trumpworld figures and that they couldn’t claim double jeopardy if they’re charged/indicted, convicted, and sentenced on federal charges that are substantially the same as the state charges.

Tell me this applies to Flynn, who by all accounts, is bucking hard for a pardon.