A Mini-Concert by a Great Songwriter: Bob Schneider Live at Paste Studio [VIDEO]

Mattand11/16/2019 3:35:22 pm PST

re: #6 Ferdinand

Josh Marshall on the Holmes deposition yesterday:

On a related topic: does anyone here subscribe to TPM Prime? I’m always on the verge of doing it. What stops me (and I know how stupid this sounds) is I had a few interactions in the readership forums with members who can only be described as toxic masculinity assholes.

I happened to wander into a discussion on a article written by a woman who was criticizing Joe Biden’s tendency to be a little too hands-on with women he meets. The regulars were basically being all “Little lady, you’re just overreacting. I can’t believe TPM published this.”

I agreed with the author and got accused of being a “white knight”, aka, a guy who defends a woman only so he can sleep with her. Among other things.

I should just jump in and do it, but honestly, if that’s a sample of the membership there, fuck that. Josh Marshall does a bang-up job and we need more voices like him in media, but I was less than thrilled with some of his subscribers.