New From Seth Meyers: Washington Reacts to the Mueller Report [VIDEO]

Ming50004/18/2019 9:13:05 pm PDT

re: #74 HappyWarrior

I dunno. Even married people can be miserable. I guess with some of these guys and gals, I can’t see them having joy. Bush? Yes awful President and yes this doesn’t change his actions but I can see that he loves his family and likes people. He was at a naturalization ceremony and frankly spoke well on why those ceremonies are wonderful. Greenwald just seems miserable. I don’t know why. He lives well enough, is married, and has a legion of people who take him seriously.

Good points.
I HOPE Greenwald is happy….. but don’t know.
Climate deniers, flat Earthers…. rabid evangelicals… anti-vaxers…. at home, are they happy? When partisans like Greenwald have who kids say, you are killing me in the future, or you are killing me NOW…. are they happy in their politics?
You are right, I hope. Greenwald must not be happy.