Samantha Bee Follows Trump's Paper Trails [VIDEO]

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I made a meme…

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This is a piece of a monologue HBO’s new “Chernobyl” miniseries begins with. Chilling and damn thoughtworthy.
I don’t know if it is attributable to the Valery Legasov (left), played by Jared Harris (right) in the series, or if it a piece of monologue the makers took liberties with.
What is known that he did make a lot of recordings on tape before he killed himself on the day exactly two years after the Chernobyl disaster, after having tried in vain to tell the truth about the accident. He was the chief of the commission investigating the Chernobyl disaster.
Together with Alexey Ananenko, Boris Baranov and Valery Bespalov, the three unsung heroes of the Chernoby disaster, I think these are heroes worth remembering. The latter three risked their lives feeling their way in the dark in radioactive water to open a gate to let out water which would’ve otherwise caused a massive explosion if the molten core reached it. The Chernobyl disaster was a horrific explosion in its own right, but it would’ve been orders of magnitude worse if they hadn’t volunteered.
Sorry if I got the attribution wrong. I make no claims on the meme itself, and hereby place the meme in the public domain (as-is, no warranties, do not inhale, etc. etc., you know the drill).
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It’s a great line.