Seth Meyers: Trump Retaliates Against Impeachment Witnesses as Rudy Continues Digging Up Dirt in Ukraine

lawhawk2/11/2020 6:18:00 am PST

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Police use of deadly force and excessive force is at a low because of an increased awareness that this is bad. Crime is at all time lows and police training has focused on less lethal means of ending confrontations. It has reduced violence, but the right wingers want to paint NYC as absolutely lawless and that Democrats enable criminals when there are incidents such as when a ex-felon somehow obtained a gun and used it to attack cops in two separate incidents.

But for the easy availability of guns, those incidents would not occur. Nationwide strong gun control would do more for public safety and the wellbeing of law enforcement than any other measure.

The leading cause of death for cops in the line of duty: gun violence.

But for the easy availability of guns, those cops would not be killed. Many more are injured in the line of duty and are saved due to their bulletproof vests. The solution isn’t to upgrade their guns and ammo, but to make it harder for people to engage in straw sales, buy across state lines to circumvent strong gun laws, etc.

As it is, significant numbers of guns used in crimes in places like NYC are coming from outside NY - states with weaker gun laws such as PA, NC, VA, SC, etc. The iron pipeline has consequences.