Audio: The Secret Political Reach of 'The Family'

SixDegrees12/03/2009 12:34:24 pm PST

re: #59 Fat Bastard Vegetarian

I know a bunch of Christians. I know a bunch of “Right-Wing” Christians. I know of no Christians that would support the execution of gays.

I do know a bunch of Christians whom posed the question “Would you support the execution of gays” would ask the person, “Have you lost your fucking mind?!?!”

Just sayin’.

I agree. But unfortunately, there are those who would happily stand by and watch such a thing happen without intervening. I’m thinking of those who’ve proclaimed, for instance, that gays deserve to get AIDS and die, because it’s God’s punishment for loving the wrong person.

Not the same as openly calling for their execution, but still cheering when it occurs.

Yes, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and others as vile and loathesome - I’m talking about you.