The Oslo Terrorist's 'Counter-Jihad' Ideology

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As you wish:

A) The Greek Volunteer Force
-Present at Srebrenica, fighting under Ratko Mladic

B) Statement by Prime Minister Papandreou in late 1994

In December 1994, after official talks with Milošević in Athens, Papandreou reiterated that the positions of Greece and Serbia on the Bosnia issue were virtually identical.

C) Greek Interference in NATO operations:

According to University of Amsterdam professor ‘C. Wiebes’, the Hellenic National Intelligence Service (EYP) systematically sabotaged NATO operations in Bosnia in the mid-1990s, in an attempt to aid Bosnian Serb nationalists. In his report for the Dutch government, entitled Intelligence en de oorlog in Bosnie 1992-1995, Wiebes claims that EYP leaked classified NATO military plans (to which, as an allied intelligence service, it had access) to the Serb Bosnian leadership, and often to General Ratko Mladic himself, during the summer of 1995. Eventually, Wiebes states in the report, NATO allies ceased sharing NATO military plans with the Greek authorities.

D)And the entirety of Kosovo:

NATO’s bombardment of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia caused a strong popular reaction in Greece, Prime Minister Costas Simitis sought a political solution to the Kosovo conflict. Greece refused to participate in the strikes against Yugoslavia.

Several polls were conducted, of which revealed that 99.5% of the Greek population were completely opposed to the bombing, with 85% believing Nato’s motives were strategic and not humanitarian. 69% wanted Bill Clinton tried for war crimes, while 52% opposed the admittance of Kosovo Albanian refugees to Greece.

20 Greek judges of the supreme court (Council of State) found NATO guilty of war crimes. The Council of State officially declared NATO and Bill Clinton guilty of war crimes.

During a C-SPAN discussion in 2005 with General Wesley Allen Clark, the commander of NATO during the Kosovo War and Nato bombings, it was reported that several Greek non-governmental organizations were sending relief supplies in the middle of the bombings, which caused the bombing of certain targets more difficult, the intention of the organizations was to forestall the military action by sending humanitarian aid to the Kosovo Serb enclaves.

The Greeks are very Anti-American. I’ll return the favor