The Bob Cesca Podcast: The Mueller Report

Mike Lamb4/19/2019 1:45:17 pm PDT

re: #72 ObserverArt

John Heilemann on Nicole Wallace was really deconstructing Trump. If any conservatives looked at the report the way Heilemann is, Trump would be impeached immediately.

But the real fun statement was Heilemann saying the “I’m fucked” statement is the single biggest admittance of guilt you can have. At that point Trump knew he was “fucked” because he knew how illegal he had already been up to the point of Mueller being put on the job. And then after that point it was all ass protecting at any cost as he knew he was done.

The “I’m fucked” was clearly an admission of guilt. However, it could have been for items unrelated to the election and he might not have understood the limits on Mueller’s investigation. Trump is a criminal seven ways from Sunday and he probably thought he was boned on those crimes, but like his idiot family, he might not have understood the particular criminality of meeting with the Russians re: “dirt” on HRC.