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Mattand11/29/2019 5:22:04 pm PST

So the last MAGAt standing on my FB page posted a meme saying Mad Cow Nunes left the Dumb-o-crats speechless at the impeachment hearings.

I basically responded that, yeah, they were speechless because he kept repeating conspiracies theories that Fiona Hill said to his face weren’t true. I then may or may not have told her in quasi-diplomatic terms that the GOP have sold their souls to Trump sorely to keep power.

She then responded with a meme quoting noted liberal Democrat Alan Dershowitz (I shit you not) complaining on how Trump was being railroaded.

We now are at the juncture of the program were her and her brother are going full Magic Balance Fairy and describing themselves as freethinkers.

Should I have responded? Probably not.

Do I regeret it? Not really.

These fucking people, though. They are in their own goddamn reality. My partner on her FB feed had someone parrot the War on Thanksgiving horseshit.

If my MAGAt responds, I’m going to see if she’s wallowing in the QAnon shit hole. Hell, I may just provoke it now. I’m bored.