CA Governor Gavin Newsom on Suing President Trump [VIDEO]

Charles Johnson2/11/2020 12:46:41 pm PST

re: #71 lawhawk

Trump’s budget proposal is red meat for the know nothing GOP that wants to destroy the federal govt and it’s ability to provide services.

It’s also DOA, just as surely as Trump’s ME peace plan was DOA.
It’s also DOA as relating to Trump’s intention to gut and filet health care funding under Medicare/Medicaid/SNAP/Obamacare.

The GOP intention is to slash federal spending to deliver another round of tax cuts to millionaires like Trump. Everyone else gets the burdens.

It’s the same story.

It always amazes me that the GOP has been getting away with this scam over and over, for decades, and people never seem to make the very obvious connections.