Why I Parted Ways With The Right

austin_blue11/30/2009 9:49:23 pm PST

re: #777 Sharmuta

The left has idiots? Who knew?

Hell, you deal in Dem politics and you deal with these people all the time. Will Rogers was right (oops! correct!) when he said he was a Democrat and did not belong to any organized political party.

We’d have local party caucuses and they would come out of the woodwork. Radical (take your choice—-) anti-nukes, feminists, LGBTs, vegetarians, PETAns, Jews, Catholics, Copts, Armenians, ex-pat Iranis, refugees, &c, ad finitum. And we accepted them. We explained that party planks were based on motions that were accepted or not accepted, amended, discussed and voted upon. If they got a majority, their positions were included in documents were sent up the chain and eventually you got a State Party position document.

Here’s the thing. They were loons, but for the vast majority of them, the process was acceptable even if they knew their more radical positions had a snowball’s chance in hell of being adopted.

It was a zoo, but it was respectful and an absolute hoot!

Are local Repub caucuses like that? Anyone? Honest question.