Rush Limbaugh, Creationist

Salamantis5/20/2009 8:05:24 am PDT

Leading anti-evolution Christian religious denominations:

Southern Baptists (example: the late Jerry Falwell).

Assemblies of God (example: Pat Robertson).

Church of the Nazarene (example: James Dobson).

Notice a trend? They are all Protestant fundamentalist (some are charismatic, others are not).

Also, you will find that the televangelists and the megachurch pastors, from Robert Tilton to Jim Bakker to Jimmy Swaggart to Rick Warren to John Ankerberg to John Hagee to Kenneth Copeland to Creflo Dollar to Oral Roberts to Joel Osteen to Ted Haggard to James Robison to Rod Parsley to Peter Popoff to Benny Hinn (and on and on and on), are all anti-evolution creationists, and the vast majority of them are Young Earth Creationists and Biblical Literalists.