The Oslo Terrorist's 'Counter-Jihad' Ideology

HoosierHoops7/24/2011 8:45:05 pm PDT

re: #824 albusteve

we used to hang out in Ann Arbor all the time back in high school and after…then my boy went to UM…that town has so much sophistication, tempered with a major college…big time sports, arts, science research, entertainment…it’s the greatest town of it’s size in America…I suspect Norman is a close second…like that anyway

Norman is awesome..We’ll have 35,000 kids back in town in another month for the OU School year… I have my tickets for Ball State vs OU..
Remember 18 months ago I thought I was going to Singapore and learned to speak and write some Chinese.. I had to do the paperwork to bring Winston into the Country..
And here I am.. In Oklahoma