Time Magazine Photographer Choked and Kicked by Trump Security at Rally

EPR-radar2/29/2016 12:11:49 pm PST

re: #72 HappyWarrior

The funniest thing are those Republicans saying this isn’t what our party is about. Yeah you didn’t have Reagan using rhetoric on civil rights that was closer to George Wallace’s message than MLK. You didn’t have Lee Atwater. And you didn’t have the condescending bullshti telling minority voters they just want tree stuff. This is their own creation. Fuck them for refusing them actually take some responsibility and trying to claim Trump isn’t a real Republican or conservative.

What gets me is that the Republican southern strategy was probably unnecessary. Bigots felt betrayed by the Democrats big time in the civil rights era, and many of them would have started voting Republican with no encouragement from the GOP at all.

Instead the GOP send out the welcome wagon, and we see the results of this very clearly with Trump.