Seth Meyers: Trump Says Mueller Shouldn't Testify, as Cohen Goes to Prison [VIDEO]

Targetpractice5/07/2019 6:41:24 am PDT

re: #77 Belafon

Here’s a question for you? How long did it take to go from the Saturday Night Massacre to the beginning of House impeachment proceedings?

Answer: 7 months, which was a little over two years past the actual break-in.

Meanwhile, in the current day, Trump shitcanned the one firewall (Sessions) to interference in the Mueller investigation five months ago, then appointed his own Bork in the guise of Bill Barr, a man who is actively muddying the water by arguing that Trump’s own attempt at such was simply his raising Mueller’s “conflicts of interest.”

Also, what happened in those seven months between the SNM and the beginning of proceedings? Answer: Grand jury indictments of co-conspirators in the cover-up and the release of the transcripts that allowed people a look at how Nixon acted behind closed doors. Well, we’re not getting any more indictments in the immediate future and Trump has so lowered the bar on his actions that there’s not much that could surprise us. So we’re instead left with this argument that we need to make the case to hold impeachment hearings just to hold hearings to make the case for impeachment.