An Amazing Jam by Dirty Loops: "Work Shit Out" [VIDEO]

uriel12/01/2019 2:02:55 pm PST

re: #58 retired cynic

WIU was really hammered hard (as were many other Illinois colleges) by Gov. Bruce Rauner’s destructive economic policies: Illinois had no budget for three years, because he refused to sign one. State aid to colleges has shut down entirely, and those colleges without a large endowment were nearly destroyed. To blame it on a black president is really stupid.

Not to mention, this was on top of Blagojevich spending several years screwing around with university funding levels as well. (Which a lot of people saw as a personal dig against the parts of the state that weren’t Chicago.) So they were already on their back foot as it was financially.

I was working in a Poli-Sci Department, and my wife was in an data analytics unit, when Blagojevech was found guilty. People were ecstatic.

(Just to avoid any misconceptions, I wasn’t on the faculty.)