This Is Songwriting: James Taylor, "Enough to Be on Your Way"

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The longer I think about this, the worse it gets.

How many people in New York’s North Country (Elise Stefanik’s district, if she can hold it) use the NEXUS card program to go back and forth to nearby Canada? They’re fucked by this.

There’s an entire bridge in Niagara Falls Falls that is exclusive to us NEXUS users. Shut off NEXUS to New Yorkers and that bridge becomes useless… which then clogs the other very busy crossings nearby and screws with the tourist economy. (That’s NY-27, the now vacant Chris Collins district that’s already on the target list to flip blue)

And shut off Global Entry to New Yorkers? That’s going to create a clusterfuck of monumental dimensions at JFK and Newark.

If this was thought through at all, it sure didn’t take any of that into account, and I can’t imagine there won’t be lawsuits by tomorrow morning.