Blumenthal Fires Back at Breitbart (Again)

BunnyThief2/24/2010 3:14:07 pm PST

re: #59 Obdicut

So yes, you would much rather talk about ACORN than the subject of the article, at any costs. You would also like to present ‘quotes’ without any attribution, and call ACORN’s statements ‘lies’ without any proof.

You really might want to stop digging this hole.

For example, they did file a police report in Philadelphia. So you, actually, are the one lying.


1) Is Media Matters now considered an impeachable source? Not to me.

2) The police report shown says that O’Keefe was not on the premises when they police arrived, but has his name. O’Keefe and Giles used false names during their visits. That raises a red flag to me.

3) The police report came from ACORN, not the police.

Maybe it’s a legit report, maybe it’s a fake. If you want to put your faith in ACORN’s innocence based on the word of ACORN itself and Media Matters, feel free. I’ll pass.