The Palestinian Authority's Inconvenient Truths

ThomasLite1/19/2013 6:44:11 pm PST

re: #74 Buck

…But really, have you looked up his history on gatestone?
Dude has, at a glance, written over a hundred articles for them over the course of over four years. Now a few things I’ll readily admit: (1)the few links in that list I clicked did not appear to be the usual hateful crap I’d expect from gatestone; (2)some of the articles I skimmed appeared familiar, and I’m sure I didn’t read them there (NOT some place I want to go, normally…) so they might well be things he just sold to multiple outlets (and I understand, though not necessarily agree, that if you’re putting articles out for sale on a reasonably open market there’s folks you’ll sell to who you wouldn’t take a specific assignment from) and (3)I can understand having to make a living; journalists often aren’t exactly top earners - then again the job should carry some extra responsibility.

What remains however, despite these potentially mitigating factors, is that while he might not be a hater himself, he does choose to consistently, frequently and over a substantial period of time, associate himself with some really, really nasty folk.

Can you not see how that is objectionable to many of us?

Let’s go for a hypothetical analogy here. How’d you feel if some otherwise reasonable left-wing author (I shall leave it up to you to determine what constitutes that as I feel it’s not an easy definition to make in your mind, but please construe such a hypothetical person in the most charitable manner possible) were to suddenly start writing for a fringe news/opinion magazine which endorses, say (and yes, I’m looking for something to rile you up good here - it’s the whole point :) ), the 9/11 attacks as just desserts for US meddling in the ME.
Hateful, vile and indefensible, as I’m sure we will all agree. Just the same as the Islamophobic rhetoric so often spouted by Gatestone - as we’ll all agree.
Would you still take that journalist seriously? Now imagine he’s continued to associate with them for years on end - would there be any doubt left in your mind? Please Buck, don’t be a disingenuous tool here…

And really, I’m willing to view Toameh’s choices in this matter in the most charitable way imaginable - assuming he either doesn’t like Gatestone at all but really, really needs the cash to keep his kids from starving or genuinely does not have the judgement to know to stay away from them.
But hey, that either makes him desperate enough to write whatever they want from him (and with Gatestone - YIKES, stay the hell clear!) or severely lacking in his judgement - which would make him a perfectly useless journalist.

What am I missing here? either I assume malice on his part or don’t in which case he’s still to be avoided like the plague…