Bruce Bawer on the 'Anti-Jihad' Meltdown

Cato the Elder5/06/2009 7:34:31 pm PDT

re: #808 Dark_Falcon

Cato, why are you downdinging all the LotR posts?


OK, for all of you pull-my-finger, you-said-Nazgul, ODS-impaired, satirically challenged types out there:

I was making fun of the way Spencer et al. see themselves. The quote about the “little band of fighters defending the West” is by him, about him and his friends at Atlas Shrieks, Hates of Vienna etc.

Or, as I put it yesterday:

A lot of these people seem to have a Lord of the Rings complex. With Muslims as sub-human orcs, of course.

The Baron as King Theoden, Dymphna as Galadriel, Fjordman as a windy Aragorn, the elusive Hugh Fitzgerald as Legolas?

That would make Spencer Gimli, I guess.

And Pam? An aging, raging, drunken Eowyn without a Faramir?

I’m taking nominations for the rest of the roles.

To continue the analogy:

By their lights, Charles would be Saruman, the fallen wizard.

It’s known as parody.

But don’t let that deter you from getting in your witless, impotent, knee-jerk, Sarah-lovin’, Obama-hatin’, POTUS-as-ringwraith jabs.

Carry on.