Marc Cooper: The Devolution of PJ Media

Nimed7/07/2010 6:07:28 pm PDT

People like Tipler are unfathomable morons.

I wish I could get inside the head of someone who writes stuff like that and means it. It’s a complete mystery to me. Don’t they have a couple of reliable friends who laugh to their faces when they write stuff like “I’m an enemy of the state. It’s an honor.”? When they start a sentence with “But nowhere in Mein Kampf…”, don’t they feel just a little uneasy? No voice in their heads saying “Tipler, this might be a bit too much. Don’t be a schmuck.”?

I fear that one day neuroscientists are going to discover that people like Tipler have defective brains since birth; that they like a center of self-censorship or whatever, and the rest of us are going to feel really bad for having mocked people who suffered from a mental disability all our lives.