Ann Coulter: RINO, Sodomy Supporter

goddamnedfrank8/18/2010 2:52:48 am PDT

Okay, seriously now, what the hell is wrong with people?:

A Congressional candidate told local high school and middle school students Tuesday that Islam’s plan is to destroy the American way of life.

“I’m totally against it. If I had my way, it would pretty much be over my dead body,” said Ron McNeil, a candidate for the U.S. House District 2 seat, who was referring to a controversial plan to build an Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero in New York City. “That religion is against everything America stands for. If we have to let them build it, make them build it nine stories underground, so we can walk above it as citizens and Christians.”

Some people in the audience applauded McNeil’s response. However, one student appeared up-set and asked McNeil what gave him or the federal government the right to tell an American that they can’t build an institution.

“This religion’s plan is to destroy our way of life,” McNeil said.

The student responded by saying he did not feel it was a Christian’s place to determine whether Islam is right or wrong.

“It’s our place as Christians to stand up for the word of God and what the Bible says,” McNeil replied.

Dianne Berryhill, an independent candidate for the Congressional seat now held by Rep. Allen Boyd, D-Monticello, also weighed in on the proposed mosque.

“If we were under Muslim law, you girls wouldn’t be sitting here showing any kind of skin. You would be in hot burqas and … you wouldn’t be sitting in school,” she said.

Using children to sell inequality, where have I seen this tactic before? Oh yeah, from the gays make inferior parents bigot brigade. Also the muslim woman who was denied becoming a foster parent because she wouldn’t allow pork in her home.

It’s not even a new tactic: Using children to sell inequality goes way, way back, and it didn’t end with Brown v. Board of Ed.