Trump Says He Has "The Absolute Right" to Interfere in Long-Time Crony Roger Stone's Sentencing, as the Entire Prosecution Team Resigns

NO SMOCKING GUN!2/11/2020 4:55:10 pm PST

re: #82 PrairieQueen

Amy and Pete can’t beat Trump, even if they ran together. Too much new and different to win the electoral college system, and the Fundies will gun hard for them very loudly.

The Fundies would have no problem with a completely dysfunctional dumbass like Palin because she spoke their language, and was a nice accessory to a war hero with a long political career. But Amy won’t win them over in numbers and they’ll beat Pete with a Bible.


I think any of the contenders can beat Trump. The white fundies will turn out to vote for Trump no matter what, but they aren’t more than about a quarter of the electorate.