Dr. Tiller Shot to Death at Wichita Church

Charles Johnson5/31/2009 10:46:28 am PDT

re: #75 keebler71

Huh - I just went there (for the first time) to see the comments you are referring to and saw nothing of the sort (as of the most recent post at 12:44 eastern.) There are about 12-15 posts and they are nearly identical in tone to the ones posted here. Not a single one “applauded” the murder. There were a couple posts regarding not having sympathy for the victim but that is not the same thing as “applauding the murder”. Of course, the host could have deleted the offending posts…

Oh, BS.

Sharp Elbows %P% Homepage %P% 05.31.09 - 12:36 pm %P% #

Vigilantes, unite! It IS difficult to work up too much sympathy for a man such as this. I won’t bother, especially when I consider all of the innocent lives he ripped from the womb. God will judge this man.
Lee %P% 05.31.09 - 12:39 pm %P% #

Karma is a bitch!

The first thing that came to my mind was what would happen if the perp was a Black Panther…
Denney Crane %P% Homepage %P% 05.31.09 - 12:44 pm %P% #

The DHS will say see Right Wing Extremist caused this killing. The libs will have their collective panties in a knot. The MSM will be all over this like flies to shit. I have no sympathy, this is just a late term abortion, very late term.
Jayne %P% 05.31.09 - 12:45 pm %P% #