Elise Trouw's New Video: "How to Get What You Want"

lawhawk12/09/2019 6:12:44 am PST

Greets and saluts from the soggy NYC metro area. Been off traveling the East Coast, and while I was tweeting all week, I didn’t get to log in here.

The Trumpworld shit show grows larger by the day, and Trump’s even more erratic and desperate by the hour. This is what happens when someone is finally held accountable for their actions for the first time in their lives and he can’t control the outcome despite pushing every lever he has control over to try and obstruct/block the repercussions.

Rudy’s getting ever deeper into the morass, as is Nunes.

No one here should be shocked by any of this.

But I will say, that getting away and catching a bunch of revolutionary war sites, civil rights sites, and historic locations is good for the soul and a good reminder that we need to defend civil and human rights every single day against the efforts by Trumpworld and the GOP to roll back those rights we fought long and hard for.