Colin Powell Supports Repealing DADT

Buck2/03/2010 11:22:43 am PST

re: #72 Obdicut

No. It just came the hell out of nowhere, dude. I get it that you don’t like Obama. It’s just odd when it springs out of you unconnected to anything.

In this particular issue, that of DADT, do you agree or disagree with Obama? You’re Canadian, right— you have gays in your military, correct?

Ok Officer… just give me the ticket and keep the speech…

However since you ask, I support gays in the military 100%, and without hesitation. I also support gay marriage, although I am a little against marriage in general. Bad divorce…

What I would support is actually miles past Obama (who does not support gay marriage). I would put discrimination against gays right up there with discrimination for racial reasons and sex.

Oh, BTW my mother (who is a registered lizard) is gay.

Does that help?